The ALENTUBO – Fabricação de Tubos, SA. was established in October 2009 with the aim of producing concrete pipes with steel for pipes under pressure (RCCP)

This company is formed by three leading organizations in the sector of national prefabrication in concrete: Verdasca & Verdasca, SA, Engº João Paulo Ramôa Group and VIGOBLOCO – Prefabricated, SA. The founding companies have facilities in Beja, Fatima, Ourém, Azores, France, Cape Verde, Maputo and Beira, directly employing about 360 workers.

The ALENTUBO facilities are located in the Industrial Park of Beja.


The companies of ALENTUBO Group, operating in the market for several decades, along which conquered and maintain a prestigious image and credibility. This experience provides the knowledge and mastery of the processes through added value products meet current market needs.

The processes are continuous, but although incorporating in production operations a strong component of automated processes (execution and steel core test, reinforcement, concrete production in automatic central, concrete transport, filling, vibration and handling elements ). The human factor is a constant and its presence needed throughout all stages of the production process (the equipment programming, verification of transactions, handling of the molds and the verification of finished product). Alentubo perform various checks, from receipt of raw materials to verify compliance of the finished product, so that self-control is critical to ensure that the process is effective and of good quality, that ensures product conformity.

The manuals define the requirements of the production control system for each product, the procedures and the assigned work instructions provide information on the checks and define those responsible.