The tubes

Reinforced concrete Pipe with steel core ( RCCP)

tubo de betão com alma de aço

The tube of reinforced concrete with steel pipe consists of a steel plate through double coating concrete. The outside is reinforce concrete and inside is simple or lightly reinforce concrete.

The main function of the steel core is to give sealing to the pipe but at the same time taking part in the mechanical strength together with the reinforcement steel.

The reinforcement steel outer coating consists of transverse reinforcement, arranged with one or several layers. This reinforcement is electro another longitudinal reinforcement . The function of this equipment is to assist in the mechanical strength of the tube, mainly supporting the tensile stress generated by the pressure to which it is subjected the transported fluid and outer actions.

The outer coating of concrete, in addition to confer mechanical strength to the tube prevents contact of the steel jacket with the ground, protecting it against further corrosion.

The inner lining concrete has function of preventing direct contact of the sheet metal jacket with the fluid, thereby ensuring the forward protection possible attacks metals. In pipes of large diameter, this coating can become armed.




Welded joint

The union between two consecutive tubes is realized by welding the steel plate.




Gasket of rubber or elastic joint

The elastic joint consists of union of 2 tubes with a elastic joint.