Solutions for water distribution in a large scale

The companies of ALENTUBO Group, is located in Beja, operating in the market for several decades, along which conquered and maintain a prestigious image and credibility.
The processes are continuous, but although incorporating in production operations a strong component of automated processes. The human factor is a constant and its presence needed throughout all stages of the production process. Alentubo perform various checks, from receipt of raw materials to verify compliance of the finished product.

The company

The ALENTUBO – Manufacture of tubes, SA. It was established in October 2009 with the aim of producing concrete pipes with steel core for pipes under pressure. The partners are Verdasca & Verdasca, S.A., VIGOBLOCO – Prefabricated, S.A and Eng Group John Paul Ramôa.

The tubes

The reinforced concrete pipe with steel core is constituted by an intermediate tube sheet steel concrete with a double coating. As the outer coating is reinforced concrete, the interior may be simple or lightly armed.

Special Parts

The special parts follow exactly the same construction process of a normal tube, however, has special features that fit different types of applications. We group these parts into 3 categories: TES, curves and cones.